Dear friends,

As President of SOSORT, I am honored to warmly welcome all of you interested in our society and strongly encourage your participation in the 13th annual meeting being held next April in the charming sea-side city of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

SOSORT is a young and vibrant scientific society of scoliosis specialists from around the world. Our multi-disciplinary membership of physicians, physiotherapists, orthotists, scientists, engineers, nurses and patients come from 26 countries every year to share clinical knowledge, experience and new research related to the conservative treatment of scoliosis and spinal disorders.

Since its beginning in 2005, SOSORT’s aim is to develop a better understanding of the conservative strategies of this condition. Based on scientific evidence, and consensus of professionals, our mission is to improve basic knowledge, to document historical treatment methods, to analyze current and developing therapeutic interventions and to promote guidelines for effective, “state of the art”, treatment. For this reason, a parallel series of introductory educational courses and a specific course on conducting scientific research will be offered the day before the congress.

Please accept my invitation to join us for the conference which I am sure will be a great success. I look forward to warmly welcoming everyone and meeting you personally in Dubrovnik!

Dear colleagues, members of SOSORT, friends and guests,

As local host, let me bid you welcome to SOSORT’s XIIIth International meeting and the ancient city of Dubrovnik! There are several reasons why this is a must-attend meeting for professionals involved in scoliosis treatment. As always, the pre-course as well as the research course, and scientific programme of the meeting itself, will offer the newest information and guidelines for conservative treatment of scoliosis. Moreover, the meeting will be joined by renown scoliosis experts and prominent members of other societies, who will give their perspective on various facets of scoliosis treatment. Apart from the scientific, the participants will have a chance to enjoy an exciting social programme, to share their experiences and exchange ideas in a more informal setting. We invite active participation from SOSORT members, but also from other interested professionals and scientists involved in bringing the best possible outcome for our patients with spinal deformities.

Dubrovnik stood firm through the centuries protecting its residents from invaders, but now it opens its gates to warmly welcome visitors from all over the world. Let us welcome you personally to this medieval pearl on the Adriatic coast, and to another great SOSORT meeting!