Abstract submission guidelines

The International Scientific Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT) invites you to submit an abstract to the 2018 SOSORT Annual meeting and share your work on the conservative treatment of scoliosis with your colleagues from around the world.

The SOSORT seeks abstracts on the following topics related to Scoliosis and other Spinal Deformities

  • Etiology and pathogenesis
  • Conservative treatment: Screening, assessment, treatment and outcomes
  • Imaging and Other Diagnostic or Assessment Tools
  • Health-Related Quality of life


  • Members and non-members are eligible to submit an abstract.
  • Abstracts summarizing results from clinical trials, retrospective cohort/case-control studies, case series, epidemiology, health services/economic evaluation, systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses are eligible for submission.
  • Abstracts concerning clinical outcomes must include final results to be considered for a podium presentation. Meritorious studies with preliminary results may be reviewed and considered for a poster presentation at the discretion of the Scientific Committee.
  • Abstracts must reflect original work which has NOT been published or presented at any other open meeting or congress prior to SOSORT 2018.
  • Abstracts may be submitted for a podium presentation, a poster presentation or either.
  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts that a presenter may submit. However, the Committee will only select a maximum of 3 podium presentations per presentor. There is no per-presenter limit to the number of poster presentations.


We invite all authors to submit their abstract for the SOSORT Award. For more information please follow this link.

Pre-submission Mentoring Opportunities for SOSORT Members Only

The SOSORT Board and Scientific Committee are committed to improving the science and professional growth of our members. This year we will trial a new program of pre-submission assistance to no more than 10 SOSORT members on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have never submitted an abstract, or have not had one accepted in the past, if you are new to research, or have a problem writing clearly in English, please consider this opportunity.

If you are interested in working with a member of the Scientific Committee to develop or polish your abstract prior to submission, please email (member4@sosort.mobi) as soon as possible but prior to November 15th.

Please note: Receiving assistance does NOT guarantee that your abstract will be accepted, but we do hope that we can increase your communication skills and future success in research.

You might also consider referring to the following general references for help with writing your abstract:


1. Abstracts must be written in English. The title is not included in the abstract text but should be concise and not exceed 300 characters. The body of the abstract text must NOT exceed 3500 characters and must the following sections:

Title: The title should be concise and typed in bold using upper case.
Authors and Institutions: All responsible authors should be listed in full names in order of a primary author and co-authors. The degree and position of the authors are not required. Clearly identify the corresponding and presenting author.
Introduction: Provide the background as rationale for the study objective.
Objective(s): State the main objective of the study or hypothesis tested.
Method(s): Briefly describe the design of the study, participants and how the study was conducted. Describe the analysis used.
Result(s) and Discussions: Present the main result(s) and implications with respect to the scientific topic.
Conclusion(s) and Significance: State the conclusion(s). The conclusion must be directly supported by the results. State the significance and relevance of the findings.

You might also consider referring to the following general references for help with writing your abstract:

2. A limit of 1 table or figure may be included in the abstract.

3. If your research involves human subjects, you will be required to check a box during the submission process to attest you have received the appropriate human subjects research approval from your institution.

4. If you would like to be considered for the SOSORT Award, please indicate by checking the box. By submitting for the Award, you are attesting that your work meets the eligibility requirements.

5. Please check the appropriate box indicating whether the abstract should be considered for a podium presentation, poster, or no preference.

6. After previewing your abstract and pressing the submit button you will get a reply indicating that your abstract was sucessfully submitted or that it needs to be revised and re-submitted.

7. The Scientific Committee Chair will notify the authors of the status of their abstract by February 12th, 2018 by e-mail. If the abstact is accepted, the notification will include whether the abstract will be presented at the podium or as a poster. Details concerning the date and time for podium presentations, poster sessions and for poster sizes will be sent to authors by March 5th.

8. The presenting author must register, pay the registration fee and attend the SOSORT 2018 conference in Dubrovnik. Please note if the registration fee has not been received by March 15, 2018, the abstract will be presented as a poster and not at the podium.

9. DEADLINE for receipt of abstracts: January 5th, 2018.